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This may be one of the smallest breeding programs in the world, we strive for quality over quantity.



Our farm is located in the beautiful woodland rocky setting in New England on a hill in a small town in Orange, Ma. Since our farm is on a hill that is how we came up with the name "Horses On The Hill Farm Arabians ", We started our family business in '03..


If you’re looking for high quality, beautiful, well-bred, athletic Arabian horses, you've come to the right place. We only breed one or two foals a year  ,we believe starting young is a good foundation for their future this is also the reason of only having one foal a year as  I devote my 100% to the babies so that when they leave our farm into their new Journey, we know that we have given them the best beginning in their young life's. We have successfully breed some wonderful foals on our farm with super sweet temperament.,We have Sold our horse all over the USA and in Kuwait , 


Currently standing at stud is our Egyptian Sired stallion "SI Prince Ali Shiraz ". Shortly after we purchased our Arabian stallion as a 5 month old we decided to get a Straight Egyptian Al Khamsa filly "SI Shadan El Zahra " who grew into a beautiful mare and has become our foundation broodmare. She has produced with our stallion Shiraz some beautiful foals she is also a proven Champion and black producer mare .


Our horses have some of the most revered and respected lines in the world. Through our stallion and our foundation mare we are preserving the legacy and bloodline of the world legendary stallion Ruminaja Ali, Nazzer, Fakher Al Din, Shaikh Al Badi, Morafic, Hamdam, Khofo,The Egyptian Prince, Nizam  and more of the wonderful lines runs through the veins of our horses.


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