Horses have been a big part of my life. At age 13, I had my very own stallion in Belgium. In Florida at age 17 I had a very special bond with a beautiful Arabian mare , That was my very first encounter with an Arabian horse and the beginning of love for me for the Arabian horses,  In the late 80's early 90's I work at a Morgan farm. my job was  to exercise and ride their Morgans. In 03' we where able to buy a farm property in in Massachusetts. We build our home and our barn ,Over ten years ago we received two PMU foals from Canada. What a challenge they where. Around the same time we rescued our first Arabian horse "Zcar Prince " He came to us in such horrible shape that we were sure he was not going to survive. Although he was neglected he never lost his love for people. With lots of kindness and understanding ,myself and my two daughters  brought him back to good health, he had turned into a magnificent and noble Arabian.Prince has always been there for us, from teaching our young horses respect and loyalty, to teaching us the nobility, grace, and intelligence of the Arabian horse. Sadly he passed in summer of 2017 , He was a legend and such special gentle soul , I will miss him terribly. Dealing with other breeds we have come to realize that the Arabian horse is by far the most trustworthy, loyal, and breathtaking beauty of any horse. Prince has inspired us to follow our dreams into breeding Arabian horses, After successfully breeding Arabian horses we have decide to close the door on the breeding part here at HHF but we still currently have our wonderful stallion available for stud.