Supports Healthy Digestion

For All breeds of horses

A wholesome comfort mix


Open packet . Remove gel pack. Absorbs moisture and maintains products freshness extended shelf life. Add Fran's yummy mash to you choice of feed with desired amount of warm water to re hydrate the fruity mix.  Warm water is best as it will enhances the wonderful aromatic flavor . It will smell so yummy that it will be irresistible to your equine friend. Mix well Add more water to make a tasty soup.



My personal choice I use hot water in extreme cold weather months  as it will warm your horse tummy and in hot summer months I use cold water as a refreshing smoothie mix.

Benefits: A wholesome comfort mix . Helps hydrate your horses, disguises medications and supplements . Works as a natural digestive aid.

Recommendations:  Use daily, weekly, or monthly or monthly.  1/2 packet for minis , 1 packet for an average horse and 2 for draft's . Fran's yummy mash is good for all horses including foals, seniors and  finicky equines. Fran's yummy mash is horse approved and a wonderful boost of natural goodness for your horse.

They will love it !

Ingredients: natural organic non GMO granola , dry apples, carrots, figs, dates, bran, whole & crimped oats, flax seed, chia seed, non GMO natural apple pectin & date powder sweetener, alfalfa pellets, natural healing bentonite clay for digestion & gastric ulcer .

We have resources here in the USA with state of the arts dehydrator system to provide the best quality in dried fruits and veggies without additives or preservatives.

Natural non GMO.

Not from china

A step above
Packets are sealed to protect the mix from contamination's from rodents and flies Orders are carefully packed and inspected individually. Packets are made to order therefore non refundable. Please read the ingredient list to ensure your horse doesn't have allergies to the contents.

Orders are shipped flat rate USPS  to ensure that you will receive your product in  excellent condition.


We use Go green with our Eco Stand Up Packet ! Keep the items fresh with all the benefits of an Eco sustainable package. These flexible pouches are made from 100% compostable materials and offer a high barrier. Our Eco Stand Up Pouches are made from the polylactic acid (PLA) of plants and include a laminated protective ALOX coating.