How it came about
I have been making mash for my horses for as long as I can remember ! and been feeding my product to all my horses for many years. My broodmares and their foals love it.

Our stallion also loves the mash mixture.

One of my beloved horses, our late senior Arabian Prince who passed away at age 37.

He always looked forward to his daily mash. I used to feed him 3 to 4 times a day as he lost most of his teeth.

My yummy mash along with senior grain was so much easier for him to eat and digest. I loved seeing him so happy each day when I would bring a bucket for his breakfast and at supper time. I would watch him eat, slurp my mash to the last bite.
I believe that my mash helped him live a long happy life.

Prince inspired me to make a product to please all horse owners. Fran's yummy mash is for all breeds of horses, foals, seniors, finicky and all in between size horses. They will love this awesome flavorful aromatic fruity mix. A all natural boost of goodness with special ingredients that supports healthy digestion. Each bite is so tasty with different flavors. This is not your typical boring mash and your horse will be asking for more !!!