Non GMO - Organic -All Natural - Eco Friendly Packet , Easy to use no mess no fuss


Irresistible to your equine friend.

Anyone who has a horse can make a mash or a bran mash. I came up with a simple solution to provide an easier way to make a delicious mash. A wonderful boost of all natural goodness that your horse will love.

Fran’s yummy mash is different than other products. A wholesome comfort food to offer any day, helps hydrate your horse, disguise medicines , supplements, and work as a digestive aid.

Not only does it add an incredible amount of flavor to any desired feed , it also delivers added nutrients. A combination of delicious flavorful fruity mix with other beneficial ingredients to support healthy digestion

I have searched for the best products ingredients are from the USA and all natural organic non GMO sources , I inspect everything as I only use the finest quality dehydrated fruits free of all preservatives, artificial ingredients and free of added  salt ,contains no fillers,

Re-hydrate with hot ,warm or cold water it will smell and taste so yummy.  Add cold water in hot summer months it will be just like a refreshing Slurpee .My personal experience during long cold winter months,

I will add a whole bucket of hot water along with their regular feed to make a tasty beneficial fruity soup, as most horses don’t drink enough water in the winter.A simple solution to hydrate your horses either way they will love it and they will slurp , drink and eat the tasty mash.

Each packet contains

Dry apples, carrots, figs and dates. Apples are high in Potassium which is important for proper muscle contraction and nerve function.  Potassium is also an electrolyte, and electrolytes are necessary for cellular metabolism. Carrots have vitamin C and vitamin A, both antioxidants that support the immune system. Dried fruits such as figs and dates are particularly concentrated in calcium, zinc, and potassium. They also contain B vitamins, beta carotene, and vitamin K.

Dates were once a staple of a desert horse’s diet, and they’re still fed as treats and energy boosts for horses in that part of the world. High in fiber and potassium, plus a treasure trove of other vitamins and minerals, horses love their sweet taste.

Figs provide a sweet, tasty treat for horses, and their high sugar content makes them an excellent substitute for sugar cubes or other less healthy treats.


Cranberry has natural anti-bacterial properties, and is useful in supporting the urinary system.
It is high in vitamin C as well as containing other nutrients and vitamins. Cranberry is a fruit native to North America, Medical research has revealed the beneficial chemical and physiological effects cranberries have on the urinary tract. Maintains proper urinary pH - Supports urinary tract health Bacterial anti-adhesion properties - Powerful antioxidant


Bran is a common practice among horse owners and stables. It is believed to add bulk to the stool, help with hydration, assist digestion, and is a good source of fiber.

Granola simply delicious

Oats wholesome grain that comes with many benefits for your horse Whole oats have gotten a bad reputation for a couple reasons, one being that they are said to make horses “hot” and the other is that horses don’t digest oats very well, they go right through them. On the subject of making a horse “hot”, it is all about moderation. Most horses do not need a gallon of oats, a quart or two will suffice. As for horses not digesting oats. The ratio of oats going into the horse compared to out of the horse is far less.Those few oats that come out whole in the manure did a great service for that horse. They just tossed and turned throughout that entire digestive tract cleaning up and breaking away debris along the way so better absorption of other nutrients can take place.What other benefits do oats have? Oats help break down the sharp points on the teeth, they massage the esophagus, oxygenate the blood, strengthen tendons and ligaments, and they are high in silica and fiber.

Crimped oats are a good alternative to unprocessed whole oats for older horses with tooth issues, or extremely young horses without fully developed teeth.

Flax seed for Horses
•   Support hair and coat health

•   Protect joints and soft tissues

•   Balance the immune system

•   Improve circulation and vascular health

•   Reduce skin and respiratory allergies

•   Support normal gastrointestinal function

•   Improve sperm motility and viable count

•   Influence normal hoof growth

Chia seeds bring healing and balance to your horse benefit your horse in a variety of ways by:
• Lowering circulating insulin and glucose

• Balancing immune function

• Protecting joints and ligaments

• Reducing pain

• Decreasing nervousness

• Improving heart and blood vessel integrity

• Reducing allergic reactions to insect bites

• Diminishing respiratory inflammation

• Supporting normal gastrointestinal function

• Maintaining hair and hoof health

• Healing damaged skin

• Hydrating intestinal contents

Apple pectin is a pre-biotic that supports the beneficial micro-flora in the gastro-intestinal tract. Lecithin containing apple pectin has proven a valuable natural supplement for horses to treat and prevent gastric ulcers. fruit acids, dietary fiber and minerals. It is believed to remove unwanted toxins from the colon, and effectively promotes intestinal tract health. Helps promote a healthy heart and maintain blood sugar levels

Alfalfa Pellets are a premium protein source of nutrition for animals needing maintenance to higher levels of digestible energy. Alfalfa is often the preferred forage for horses because of its high quality and good roughage value. great with soaking in water Alfalfa is often the preferred forage for horses because of its high quality and good roughage

Clay Bentonite for Horses “The Healing Clay” Natural Healing Clay for Gastric ulcers in Horses. This physical pulling power of pure Calcium Bentonite Clay for Horses also has an absorbent action (like sticky paper) as toxins are drawn into the porous surface of the clay and eliminated from the horse’s body.