Arabian Horse Panel


Horses below are currently at our farm have been tested and are negative for all 3 listed below


SI Prince Ali Shiraz (Stallion) 

SI Shadan El Zahra (Mare)

HHF Dahmah Wasemah (Filly)




Cerebellar Abiotrophy (CA), also referred to as cerebellar cortical abiotrophy (CCA), is a genetic neurological disease in certain species of animals. To date, CA is known to affect breeds of dogs and horses. The disorder manifests itself when Purkinje cells, the neurons that affect balance and coordination, are present in the cerebellum of the brain.

Lavender Foal Syndrome (LFS) also known as Coat color Dilution Lethal (CCDL), is a recessive genetic disorder. Affected foals often have a difficult delivery, problems standing at birth and usually have episodes where they rigidly extend their limbs, neck and back. These episodes tend to resemble a seizure, although the affected foal does not seem normal between episodes. All affected foals are usually euthanized within days or weeks of birth.

Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disease (SCID) is an inherited disease seen in pure and part-bred Arab horses. Animals with this inherited condition have an enhanced susceptibility to infection and first show signs of disease at between two days and eight weeks of age. Clinical diagnosis of the disease is not straightforward as the symptoms, such as raised temperature, respiratory complications and diarrhea, are typical of new-born foals with a range of infections.


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