Tail Male and Female Facts

Tail Male: Saklawi I (APS) RAS*26 Grey 1886
Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa
A Grey stallion of Ali Pasha Sherif, Egypt.

Strain: Saqlawi-Jidran Excerpt from:

Al Khamsa Arabians II "Entry 8980 in Carl Raswan's

Index states that Saklawi I (APS) was  bred by the Ruala and

was importedto Egypt.In entry 4972 Raswan shows Saklawi

I as by a Saqlawi-Jidran stallion named Khalil. "

Tail Female:  *Hadba AHR 43 Bay Mare1900 bloodbay mare

of the Shammar, obtained by the Anazah and imported in

1906 to the USA by Hommer Davenport.


Hadbah Inzihiyah

Excerpt from: Al Khamsa Arabians II"Entry 3166 in Raswan's

Index shows *Hadba as by a Shuwayman-Sabbahof Ibn Sa'dun

of the Muntifiq, as out of a Hadbah-Inzihiyah of Ibn Hazim of

the Sinjara-Shammar and as bred by Ibn Hazim. This entry

further has Ibn Hazim giving *Hadba to Badan (or Zedan)  Al-'Awji of the Wuld Sulayman."


The Desert Registry
When Foals in The desert are ready to be weaned the necklace then put around the foal's neck.

The necklace always consist of some Blue Beads to keep evil eyes away. Some of them will have the hand of Allah with Blue beads. in the bottom they will have a pouch that is holding the complete pedigree of the foal with a all his distinguished markings /colors /ownership / breeders / etc..

Also on this pedigree they will have the signature of two witness who were present when the foal was born.

All the foals will be turned together and any stranger who passes by and see those foals he can approach them and check their true origin. This tradition is used to this day by the Bedouins of Syria.

Pedigree beautifully done by Dorota Kudyba
Pedigree beautifully done by Dorota Kudyba











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