Stud fee and Services
             Regular Stud Fee:  $1,200 All Mares


  • For "SI Prince Ali Shiraz"
  • No hidden fees
  • Proven sire.
  • SCID clear / LFS clear / CA clear . Tested by VetGen .
  • Chestnut - e gene e,e carries the chestnut gene / Homozygous, carries 2 copy of the chestnut gene  and can produce color. 
  • Non-refundable booking fee of $400(Applied towards the stud fee).
  • Semen Collection and shipping. Mare owner expense $350 per single collections 2 doses depending on   the price change ,
  • Payable to Horses on the Hill Farm Arabians PayPal option available & tax will be apply, Western  Union or Bank check, Below PayPal option tax fee for PAYPAL included  
  • Fees are subjected to chance at any time.
  • Excellent quality cool semen / semen has been tested.
  • 100% success on maiden mares

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