News from the past and present



We are once again attending the 2016 Equine Affaire


- Colt Born on 8/1/2015 at HHF Arabians out of Shiraz and Alpine's First Paige  


- Colt  born on 3/31/2015 at MRA Arabians in KS out of Shiraz and Prom Queen   and he is BAY in color


-A Filly  born on 5/10/14 out of SAF Bey Trynyty and Shiraz


- Our HHF  Champion producer mare straight Egyptian Al khamsa "SI Shadan  El Zahra" out of Black sire "SI Priority One " had a beautiful exquisite black filly on 5/17/2014 by sire black Saud El Zaghloul


-2014 News Shiraz has breed to 3 different mares in different states . we are excited to see his up coming foals for the New year 2015

-2014 Equine Affaire was a great success . we also lounge the new product MINUTE MASH to the public and so far the response has been wonderful


-2015 Equine Affaire was again a great sucess. We introduced our beautiful Black Straight Egyptian filly she was a huge hit with the public.  As always Shiraz did his part to represent the Arabian breed he has been an amazing ambassador for the breed at the Equine Affaire for the past 9 years . Both stallion Shiraz and black Filly participated in the Arabian Breed demo . It was a real good time.


We were in the Massachusetts Horse Magazine in the August-Sept, 09 issue page 20

"Spirit of the Wind " by Claudia Sarti. Shiraz' very first foal was a colt born on Sept 2, / 10 another foal arrived May 29/11 a filly "HHF Sangria Rose Ali" and another foal arrived on Oct 28 /11 a colt HHF Azul Ali Sampson, He is located with his family in Maine. Shiraz is officially a Sweepstakes Nominated sire and most of his  foals are Sweepstakes Breeding Entry. Shiraz was Nominated Halter Grand Champion in the AHAM for 09 and 2010 and high point award in 2010,2012,2013.
We are in the Equine Journal March 2010 issue page 203. Shiraz was also awarded Arabian Horse Association Horse of the month of Dec 09 Arabian Horse Youth Association with Christina. Our stallion did very well at Hudson valley All Arabians horse show in 2010.

We are so grateful and our deepest appreciation to The Cheshire Horse of Swanzey NH and Purina Mills for continuing to support our stallion Shiraz at the Equine Affaired and sponsoring Shiraz and his very first colt on the Purina Ulthium growth up to one year of age.They also sponsored our colt at the 2011 Equine Affaire.

This was our first year bringing one of Shiraz's babies to the EA.

Thank you to The Cheshire Horse for your continuing support for the Equine Affaire 2010,2011,2012,2013, 2014 and 2015

Brian Stanton professional photographer from the famous Children book Dog and Alphabet send us two poster of our stallion to bring to the Equine Affaire, Our very first colt foaled on Sept 2/2010  and he will feature in a upcoming book in the year 2011 from the creator of New York Times bestsellers Dog and Alphabet. Cheshire Horse has sponsored an add in the Equine journal  for August 2011 .

On August 28 the book MOO has been published and Shiraz's very first colt HHF Ali Azar Casanova his Dam Silvern Rapture and our own foundation SE mare SI Shadan El Zahra are in the children's book. Our local town of Athol, Ma did a story on our farm regarding the Book and also Arabian Horse Magazine did a story in the Dec issue 2011 page 48 about Shiraz's first colt appearing in the children book MOO.

In 2012 Shiraz had an amazing show season. He won most classic at the region 16 class A AHANE. Twice Mass Arabian halter champion .Two 1st place in sport horse in hand. My husband did an amazing job showing for his very first year showing our stallion Shiraz in halter.They also got a Reserved champion in halter stallion at the Regions 16 Championships in Syracuse NY. We were in the October & Dec 2012Equine Journal. Shiraz very first colt also had an amazing show season in halter & sport horse in hand in 2012, He got 2 first in halter and 2 first in sport horse.

His first born filly Sangria Rose Ali  with her new owner

Neil Kelley had a great show season in 2013 they also got award champion at AHAM and AHANE got 2 third place at the Year End Awards.

We where it in The Equine Journal a few times and so as all of our babies.
-Shiraz and husband / 2012
-Colt Azar /2012
-Filly Sangria /2013
-Sangria won second place in the foal contest /2010
-Sponsor  for Shiraz & the Cheshire Horse / 2010
-We are in the April 2014 Equine Journal

A Filly was born on 5/10/14 out of SAF Bey Trynyty and Shiraz