Reviews Fran's Yummy Mash

~Christina - 2/23/2021
Best mash I’ve ever tried! My horses love it!! Will definitely be buying this product again. Highly recommend!


~Taylor Early 2/1/21

My horse loved it! Great way to spice up a boring bran mash 🙂


~Maggie Boreman - 1/25/2021
Fran’sYummy Mash is one of our favorite mashes for our horses! This mash is a very generous offering of oats—both natural and crimped, flax seed, bran which we often use alone, plus dry apples, carrots, figs, n dates. The horses love it and those horses that don’t like to drink in the winter will drink well when offered this mash as a top dressing to their feed or as a bribe in warm water. One feature that adds to the longevity of Fran’s mash is a small packet of desiccant to keep the mash fresh in its packaging. Just remember to remove the desiccant before making the mash. ;


~Alisa - 1/10/2021
Fran’s Yummy Mash is a wonderful addition to your horse’s diet! All three of my mini horses love this mash and it’s wonderful flavor. Even my pickiest eater gobbled it down! It is great for a cold winter night. Rehydrates and takes good care of their tummies. Add a little hot water and let it soak before you go to the barn. Your horses will thank you and love you even more! Definitely try this mash!


~Tammy - 1/9/2021
Must Try Frans Yummy Mash all three of my horses 💕loved has great good ingredients Give it A+++


~My Horses love it

Neil kelley Florence MA


~ Omg my guys went nuts over Fran's Yummy Mash

They were screaming for more... Spinning in their stalls!!!

I love the mash!!!!!

Jennifer Bartiss , Plainville .CT


~ My finicky mare loves it

Peter Kurowsky , Westfield . MA


~ Great product which all my mares loved !

Lisa Piispanen, Chester. MA


~ "I am very Excited about the prospect of a readily available pre-mixed Hot Mash.I have found that Hot Mash is great for horses who are having trouble keeping weight on. I feed Hot mash to all the horses in my barn.and they LOVE IT.They gobble it up and they want more !!

I can't wait to have more of your Fran's Mash in my barn"
Gina Smith,TX


~Alisa, Chief, Buttercup, Colby rated this 5 out of 5 and says...
"My Mini horses love this product! They love both flavors. Even my picky little eater gobbles it down. Full of great nutrition. Smells so wonderful every time I mix it up, I wish I were an equine! Very simple to mix. Wonderful mixed with warm water, to fill up bellies on a cold winter night. Your horses will look just like the horse on the package... you will look at them when they are finished eating, and they will be licking their lips for more, or dancing on their hind legs next time you come to the barn, begging for their new favorite meal!"

Alisa Allbee Daigneault , VT

Hello Fran ! Your Fran's Yummy Mash  arrived and was well received! When I put it into Finn's feeder, he tried to lip the feeder lock to get to it b/f I even added the warm water. I had a blast feeding them; they could smell that the feed was different and they were intrigued and very still. I put the warm water in each feeder and mixed it up well b/f I turned the feeders back to them. The barn was full of happy, contented, "sipping" sounds. The horse who I think benefited the most from this round was my broodmare, Lille. I'm going to order a sufficient amount for three months for everyone, twice a month.

Best regards , Maggie Boreman .NC


~ Fran , My 9 yr old mare who has never colicked before had a bout last week. After I got her over the colic I gave her a packet of your Fran's Yummy mash  and she went after it like she had not been fed in a week! I had noticed that since her colic she didn't quite seem like herself. Being horse owners we know our horses pretty well and she just wasn't quite right. I don't plan on being out if this product ever!

Gloria Gonzales ,GA