After my successful visit to the Equine Affair in Springfield Mass. I looked at many horses at the event; One 7 years old stallion in particular caught my attention, SI Prince Ali Shiraz Owned by Tom and Fran Bonenfant owners of HHF Arabians..Shiraz as he  is called by his owners and admirers is a strong well built desert Arabian Horse. He possess a mixture of desert strains that is coupled with a refined look and balance...The looks come from his Seglawi jedran strain, as he is a descendant of Mansour, Morafic, Shaik Al Badi and Inshallah on top...His well balanced frame and correct legs he inherited from the Kuhaylan Jellabi strain from his bottom line Shahloul, Faraad,and Nasr , He also possess The Hadbani Enzahi thru the Nazeer's strain.. In Short my impression of this magnificent Stallion is well in place. He is a gentleman All the way and very warm to people's attention. He stand 15.3 hands with a beautiful Head ,well placed Neck, a strong Back and very correct Legs. I also was lucky to look at his latest son 8 month old "Al Muntazar Ali " and his Daughter “Sangria". They both in my opinion inherited strongly his looks, balance and temperament. Mare owners should give themselves a chance to visit HHF Arabians, to talk to Tom and Fran but mostly to see a beautiful desert Arabian Stallion for their future breeding consideration. Thanks to Tom and Fran for allowing me to express my humble opinion regarding their Beautiful Desert Arabian Stallion "SHIRAZ" / Bachir Bserani /Al Moussami / NY

I have known Shiraz for quite a while,I have admired him often.His foals have never desapointed any of their new owners,and yet I do look at his new photo with his new halter and breast collar and my admiration for him has no limit...He knows that many of his followers are in constant admiration. I am one of them .

Bachir Youseph Bserani AlMoussami / NY

Fran, you are truly amazing!

Thank you for believing in me and allowing me the opportunity of a lifetime! with my new filly HHF Sangria Rose Ali , She will be well cared for here and only have the best,I have had many close dealings with Horses on the Hill Farm Arabians, as well as both Tom and Fran. They are two of the most caring people I have ever come across. The love that they have for the horses in there care is insurmountable.   Fran is an incredible person who only wants the best for everyone and puts herself  on the line to make that happen. By far two of the most amazing people I have ever had dealings with. Regards,
Neil Kelley / MA

HHF Al Muntazar Ali-

"the one we've been waiting for " "The precious One"

The new addition to my family he is a 7 month old purebred ER Arabian.finally my dream of owning my own foal and growing  with him has come true.  Thank you Tom and Fran from HHF Arabians for everything you guys are the best .

Kristina Smith / NH

Thank you Fran and Tom from HHF Arabians! And thank you Shiraz and Aziza for making such a beautiful baby boy! I bought AL Muntazar Ali in November of 2013 and it was the best thing I could of done. It has been such an amazing experience to be able to watch him grow into the amazing horse he is becoming and we have learned so much from each other over this past year. He is sweet, gentle, smart, and eager to please. He is amazing. Our bond is so great I love when he greets me at the gate of his paddock he is such a sweet horse. I have always had a love for Arabians and when I decided to get a baby I knew it was a commitment but I love every second of it! He will be my forever horse and I wouldn't trade him for anything. I have you guys to thank for making it all possible and Shiraz and Aziza for producing such a stunning, smart, and willing horse. I couldn't be happier thank you!

Kristina Smith / NH

Thank you Fran for everything!

You have been the best to work with and can not wait till baby comes. 

Are we getting a duchess or duke.

Jeannine McLain / MRA Arabians / KS

I would just like to thank Fran and Tom for letting us breed to Shiraz! They were the best people to work with and made this AI breeding a breeze. They care so much and you are more like family, and they like to be involved in the process of the pregnancy and birth. Very rewarding!
I would recommend Shiraz and Tom and Fran to anyone looking to breed a good quality Arabian or Arabian cross!!! Thanks again I love my new little guy!!!

Jeannine McLain / MRA Arabians / KS

As the owner of New England Breeder Service, I provide reproductive service to mare and stallion owners.

Tom and Fran are certainly some of the best clients that I have , They work very hard to be certain the care of the horses and the services to their customers is nothing but stellar. It this wonderful to work with people who clearly exhibit some of the best character in the equine world.  None of it would be possible without great clients like you.

Thank you Tom and Fran from HHF Arabians for allowing to breed to your magnificent stallion  Shiraz to my mare SAF Bey Trynyty .

I have a most beautiful filly

Pamela Lee Atwood  / CT

Tom and Fran from HHF Arabians has been showcasing their Arabian horses all over New England and has earned the respect of many well known trainers, judges and fellow horse owners. When one of these Arabian horses are placed in his care of their farm, owners know that their horses will be treated well and will remain safe.

Kim Rushford / Orange, MA

I first met Tom and Fran Bonenfant, owners of HHF Arabians, at the Equine Affaire in West Springfield, MA. First impressions are lasting impressions. I was first impressed by the gentle kindness that both Tom and Fran showed to their horses. As an equine enthusiast and owner for over 30 years, it is refreshing to see other handlers/owners treating their horses in this way I feel honored to have met Tom and Fran, their special horses, and to have seen their beautiful farm. It truly is a happy, healthy, and safe farm, with top of the line horses and wonderful owners/ handlers.

Lisa M. Hall / New Ipswich, NH

My family and I have worked with on a business level with Fran & Tom Bonenfant of Horses on the Hill Farm Arabians for the past five and a half years.In that time, we have experienced nothing but professional, kind, courteous, and gental relations with the Bonenfant's on the farm. My daughter, five years ago at age 10, leased a horse Prince an Arabian from Horses on the Hill Farm.We were there as a family during the entirety of a year leasing. During that time, she received personal knowledge and lessons as well.  She was always treated with love and kindness and was taught to also treat the horses with the same love and care.  As her parent, I was treated with the same kindness and respect.We had a very good business relationship which developed into a friend relationship. Over the next few years, I bought a horse from them and have no complaints. The sale was handled very professional and I was completely satisfied.  It was made very clear that if I had any questions or concerns to not hesitate to call them for help. I have also allowed my daughter to attend shows with the farm and have been completely thrilled as a parent as to what she has learned and how she was treated.  My daughter's safety always came first.  She has always enjoyed being there and I do not hesitate as a mother to leave her in their care.  She has spent days at their house and many at shows. I trust the Bonenfant's and have a tremendous amount of respect for them professionally and personally.
Cheri Cantrell  / MA

I am an Equine Artist. I joined Facebook in 2011, soon after I met a wonderful woman interested in my art. I was so impressed with her character and sweet nature that I have taken my time to draw her beautiful horses at no charge and will do so for the rest of my life. During the year I have met Fran and her husband  on many occasions. Even though I'm extremely shy they have made me feel welcome and comfortable. Paying very close attention to my happiness and well being. I found the Bonenfant's kind and good natured , Seeing them together talking passionately and lovingly about their Arabians and family confirmed what I thought about them all along: Fran and Tom are wonderful and compassionate people. I find myself happy in their company and always look forward to seeing them again. Stephanie Morgera / RI

I have known the Bonenfant's for nearly 10 years.We first met while showing our Arabian horses in Springfield MA.  Tom has always shown himself to be a true gentleman. This is also displayed while handling his and others horses. He is very respectful, honest and thoughtful. I feel certain anyone who would encounter meeting, working with or doing business with the Bonenfant's will be similar to what I have observed since the time we have known them.
Sincerely, Diane M. Stains / Berkley MA
Dare To Dream Stables

I am so thankful and blessed to have met two wonderful people in my life  Fran and Tom. I first came upon a little mini they had for sale named Colby I  purchased him from Fran and Tom in 2007. I been to their horse shows to give support and watch Tom and Fran show their beautiful Arabian  horses. I have great respect for both Fran and Tom for their gentle and loving touch they both have for all of their Arabian's. I have know a lot of horse people in my days and Fran and Tom are far the best people I have known that have that show so much respect and love and gentle touch to all of their animals and friends. Every horse show that I have been to they have showed great hospitality to everyone that ever stopped by to see them and their stallion and mare. Their horses and Stallion are not just horses to both Tom and Fran their family they respond to both Tom and Fran with kindness, Trust, love right back to them. Each year I have known Tom and Fran they have been asked to bring their Stallion and baby's to the Equine Affair in Springfield to demonstrate how good spirit and trusting  and smart the Arabian Breed is. I have only heard from anyone that has stopped by their booth how wonderful Fran and Tom are and gorgeous their Stallion is. These are two honest hard working people that I would trust with my life. I am so honored to have meet them when I did and still are very close friends. I would highly recommend Tom and Fran both to anyone that wants to learn more about the Arabian. Tammy Brooks / Tolland, MA
High Country Farm

Tom and Fran Bonenfant of Horses on the Hill Farm Arabians. We have known them for over 10 years and have always had extremely positive experiences with them personally and professionally.  My daughter purchased a horse from Tom and Fran several years ago and they have continued to be there with any questions. The farm is immaculate and the horses are treated with the utmost respect and admiration. Personally, I can say, without any doubts in my mind that Tom and Fran are 2 of the kindest people I have ever met. 
Sincerely, Wendy Hicks / Rochdale, MA 

I met Tom and Fran about 4 years ago , we were looking for a Stallion to breed with my Arabian mare. They were very kind and professional people to work with , as we talked more we built a close relationship with them. Fran was like a sister to me and they both showed much compassion to me thru my battle with cancer. They opened their home to me as a complete stranger and provided a bedroom for myself and one for my daughter.They are both very gentle with the horses.They even allowed me make payments for services and offered to travel my horse they also came for a visit to see me and our new foal,

Constance G . Robinson / Livermore, ME

My opinion of Tom and Fran from Horses on the Hill Farm Arabians  I've know this couple for several years, our relationship has grown very close over this time. Fran and Tom have opened their home to me many times over. They are kindest and loving people that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. I've been considering breeding my quarter horse mare to their charming stallion Shiraz for quite some time now. I've had the pleasure of working side by side with them at the shows they enter their stallion in. Tom and Fran are always kind and encouraging to the people they compete against. Even if they do not place first in their class they always con-graduate the folks that do. They are extremely kind and professional through out the entire day. These two are very hard working and honest people neither of them would hurt a fly nor would either verbally abuse another human being. I'm so blessed and grateful to have them as my friend!!   Sincerely, Jennifer A. Gagne /  Ma

Fran and Tom , I enjoyed my visit at your farm. Thank you so very much for your hospitality it was a pleasure to meet your handsome stallion , I can't wait and we are very excited to have a foal in 2015 with our mare SH Nadirah out of your stallion Shiraz. Thank you again for everything you guys are awesome..

Laurie Hinman / NY / Buxton Creek Farm

I had a great time at my first farm shoot at HHF Arabians in Orange, Massachussetts!!

Thank you again to Fran & Tom for their hospitality -

the horses were beautiful and so much fun!

Looking forward to the next one!

Brooke Foti / CT


Shiraz is beautiful .

I always love working up ad's and graphics with him.

He is inspiring!

Anne Rienks / MI

Vintage Black Arabians

You bring smile to my face and it is wonderful to paint such beautiful

subject be able to share art. Shiraz is such fine model and he inspires me

I could not resist to paint him.

Dorota Kudyba's Art / Poland


It's an amazing journey!

You have been a great mentor and inspiration to me through this journey.

Thank you!!!

We are growing into one another...

Jennifer Bartiss / Ct

 HHF Ali Azar Casanova one of our colt fund his way into a new home at High Country Ridge Farm..

-Thank you Fran for believing in me and having trust today could of not gone any better than it did. I am so happy that you are giving the chance of a life time. He will be loved and cared for so you may rest my friend. We have next year to plan for the show.

Tammy Brooks / Tolland, MA
High Country Farm

I can not say how much I love him! I can not say enough good about Shiraz!  Highly recommend him! 

And have told others, I will breed again in the future. Jeannine Mclain MRA Arabians