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AHR* 663665
Straight Egyptian Al Khamza
Foaled on May 17, 2014.


"SI Shadan El Zahra" Straight Egyptian Al Khamza

(WG Priority One x Mamdouha).

If you are looking for pedigree and beauty look no further .

Excellent example of classic Straight Egyptian beauty combined with quality, athleticism, power and grace .

She is tall ,elegant, an impressive young mare, refined and beautifully balanced,


Below are videos and we always update recent photos and videos .


Sired by Homozygous Black Straight Egyptian Al Khamza Hadban Enzahi "Saud El Zaghloul

is by the black Saud El Ameer ,In addition to fulfilling the ancient Bedouin breeding formula,  

(Saud El Ameer x Bint Mahajja) and out our HHF Champion producing mare

Color gene are Ee aa
Ee Heterozygous.

Horse is black bases but carries a recessive copy of the red gene .
aa Non-Agouti ,

If Horse is black based (E) Black Pigment will be evenly distributed
This beautifully filly is accurately register as a black beauty


4 weeks old
4 weeks o