The white stallion.
Nestled quietly in the hill of a small town of Orange ,
Ma U.S.A. in a small picturesque Arabian horse farm
This farm is the home to a living legend. The beautiful White Arabian stallion "SI Prince Ali Shiraz
Though the breeding farm be small his might exceeds the reaches of America.All who have met this mighty stallion,
he has left resounding hoof  beats on their hearts..


Their legacy lives on..
Son of SI Enshallah .
Grandson of  Ruminaja Ali
Sweepstakes Nominated


Sire: Straight Egyptian Arabian :
SI Enshallah, Grand sire : Ruminaja Ali.

Great grand sire: Shaikh Al Badhi
Dam: Purebred Arabian Egyptian related RA Nafaterie, grand dam: RA Tirza. Great  grand dam: SR Jameelah.

Shiraz has matured into an outstanding stallion. He stand honest at 15h.2 ,he is not a small type Arabian, His willingness to please & perform combined with his intelligence, beauty and grace make him an exceptional stallion. Sired of Champions foals and passed on his looks and super sweet disposition. Shiraz has multiple show ring championship and sired Champions. He has an excellent build about him. He has large expressive kind eyes, an attractive dished face,with his beautiful ears and Ruminaja dished faced look His legs are straight and correct, top line is smooth with a nice tail carriage. Shiraz also has the rarity of a pure white coat of the desert Arabian horse. He loves the show ring he comes alive with this look at me attitudes.

He carries this air about him that makes you want to take a second look.

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Tail Female: Hadba - Hadba:desert bred in Syria.*Hadba AHR 43 Bay Mare 1900 blood bay mare of the Shammar, obtained by the Anazah and imported in 1906 to the USA  by Hommer Davenport. 
Bloodlines: Egyptian Sired / Strain : Hadban Inzah


Tail Male : Saklawi I (APS) RAS*26 Grey 1886 Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa A Grey stallion of Ali Pasha Sherif, Egypt.

The Hadban are listed as the fourth preference among all the horses strains meticulously described in the Abbas Pasha manuscript.

They are great blending strain. Some of the most renowned breeding stallions in the modern Egypt have come from this Strain, IBN. Rabban. Nazzer. Aswan. Shiraz is a well bred Arabian thru the Lines of Mansour (1921) Bint Samiha (1925) Those two Produced the Famous Nazeer (1934 H. Inzahi Breeding) Produced one of the most complete Arabian horse Morafic (1956 S.Jedran breeding ) and so on until Shiraz (2006). Distinguishing characteristics, Handsome, elegant. Great endurance and strength are among the Habban trademarks. They are very good all around horses, having perhaps the finest blood to produce cavalry horses as well as excellent racehorses. Masculine yet refined.Head is pyramidal in shape.Dished in profile wide across the forehead. Good jowls.  Eyes are large and lustrous. Nostril large well shaped. Ears relatively small. Nice neck well balanced with the body, long deep shoulder, deep chest, nice back, short croup, and good hips. clean joints.

This strain harmonizes well with all families because it is not extreme in itself.